Loft Livingroom
Loft Livingroom
Stack of Envelopes
Stack of Envelopes
Mother and Newborn
Mother and Newborn
Home & Home Office

At our initial 45-minute complimentary meeting, we begin by looking at your space and discussing what works and what doesn't. We also take into account the size of your space and how you use it.



We talk about at what's getting in the way of establishing and maintaining an organized space. You envision how the space will function.



We develop an organizing agenda, based on your timeframe, budget, and the goals we've discussed. Then we typically schedule a 2- or 3-hour initial appointment.



At our session we get to work sorting "stuff": looking at what gets used (or doesn't) and what you want to keep. Then we start to organize your space.




We start with a complimentary meeting to literally look at your paper--where it is and what's piling up. We figure out when the paper chaos began to get out of control.



We consider any organizing systems that worked in the past and what's working now. We explore how you like to work  and identify the obstacles to managing your paper flow. 



We collaborate on a customized plan based on your time constraints and budget. We focus on ways to get started.



We schedule an initial 3-hour session and get to work sorting paper. We decide what goes, what stays, what gets archived, and what infrastucture you'll use.




During times of change, routines often fall by the wayside. Clutter snowballs.  A looming deadline paralyzes. It feels impossible to get anything done. 


We follow the same general rules that apply to organizing home, office, and paper, with a special focus on transitions.


The act of sharing the task often shrinks it down to a  manageable size. Without judgment or shame, we work together to get back on track and join forces to ease the transition.


NANNOSPACE can help with


the arrival of a NEW BABY


an upcoming MOVE


the decision to DOWNSIZE


dismantling a FAMILY HOME.